Registered as a Charity

Affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association

Registered Charity No. 505288

The Burnley Light Opera Society was born in 1934 under the initial leadership of Capt. T.H.G. Grey and the Bishop of Burnley, Canon E Priestly Swain. Since its humble beginnings nearly 80 years ago, the society has run through a total of 85 shows (at least one every year, except for the war years 1942-1945), the programmes of which can all be seen on the archives page.

You can see the current Committee scrolling at the top of the page. For a little more history on the society click the Founders album to right. Next to that you can see an album for the Ladies Committee; Click that for more information on the tremendous job the Ladies do for the Society - from fundraising and organising, to brewing tea for rehearsals!

In the mean time, who better to sum up the Society than the men themselves...

"In January (1934) a small band of pioneers, conceiving that the formation of a Light Opera Society in Burnley was long overdue, appointed a Committee of enthusiasts to undertake the establishment of such a project and were fortunate at the outset in persuading Capt. THG Grey and the Bishop of Burnley to become respectively President and Vice-President of the new formation."

- President Capt. THG Grey, M.C., 1934, on the Society's first production "Rose Marie"

"In (our first) and in all future activities, our paramount consideration has been and will be to please you, good friends."

-Vice President Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Burnley, Canon E. Priestly Swain, 1936, on the Society's third production "The Mikado"

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